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RUSSIA INC. Another must-read report from Awara on the Russian economy. Bottom line: "In a global recession, no country is safe, but Russia looks to have quite a lot going for it in terms of economic advantages… by far the … Continue reading

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Letters by the complainant and inspector general about the president’s phone call to Ukraine

By Robert Willmann The letter of 12 August 2019 and possibly the entire appendix from the complainant to Congressional Committee chairs about the president's 25 July 2019 telephone call to Ukraine was released, with a few redactions (9 pages)– … Continue reading

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Open Thread on the effort to expel Trump from office through impeachment.

It takes a simple majority (218) for the House of Representatives to pass a bill of impeachment against any federal official.  The Democrats have 232 seats in the present congress.  The Bill (equivalent to an indictment) then is transferred to … Continue reading

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Saudi/US forces resume bombing Yemen targets.

"The Saudi Coalition has resumed their air campaign over Yemen this week after a short-lived peace deal was put in place following the Saudi Aramco strikes. According to a new report from Yemen, the Saudi Coalition heavily bombed several sites … Continue reading

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A dog for the Donald

I watched DJT perform today at the UN.  Impressive.  Stayed on script.  I suppose PomPom's Borgist boys and girls wrote it.  It hit all the commandments in the neocon creed but Trump managed not to issue any ultimata leading to … Continue reading

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Forget The Palm restaurants

SWMBO and I ate at the Palm on 19th Street in DC for many years. It was long the ultimate in Italian steakhouses. The food went downhill and then improved. We went there last night for her birthday. The place … Continue reading

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“Military experts believe Iranian-made drones set off from Yemen to strike Aramco” ra’i al yowm

I was provided this translation by Alastair Crooke's  "The Raw and the Cooked" on line magazine published from Crooke's location in Beirut.  This a very fine subscription service and I recommend it highly.  is their contact e-mail address.  pl  … Continue reading

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Decameron: `The stone that the builders rejected became a cornerstone.’

“Every time I take my youngest daughter, Sham, to her school, I see a passage written on the wall from the Book of Psalms: `The stone that the builders rejected became a cornerstone.' ”    Ayman Odeh, Chairman of Joint … Continue reading

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“If you hit them, they will behave …” – the neocons’ song.

I have long puzzled over the question of why the neocons; Lindsey Graham, the late John McCain (be brave Lindsey!), Jack Keane, Bolton, Pompeo, etc., etc., ad nauseam,  cling so firmly to the idea of striking Iran a hard blow. … Continue reading

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Haddock on the grill tonight

Tired of the Abqaiq thing.  It appears that DJT will not go to war over this.  My guess is that the Saudis don't want him to start a war on their doorstep and his innate aversion to risk accepts that … Continue reading

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