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The Sullivan Tech Doctrine – TTG

On September 16th, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced a new policy on how the US should think about leadership and key technologies. He said: Fundamentally, we believe that a select few technologies are set to play an outsized importance … Continue reading

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” … China’s Economy Headed for Collapse?”

“… the country is “exponentially incurring indebtedness, perhaps creating debt about seven times faster than it has been producing nominal gross domestic product,” he added. Chang recently interviewed fellow China expert and author Anne Stevenson-Yang, who told him that “the Chinese have … Continue reading

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Sunday News – 21 August 2022

1- IMO the Demo/Marxists are likely to retain control of the US Senate. McConnell is right. 2- The car bombing that killed the daughter of “Putin’s Brain” is an event much to be regretted but that kind of targeting error … Continue reading

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“China’s military exercises are an intel bonanza — for all sides”

“China’s massing of ships, aircraft and missiles near Taiwan is giving the U.S. a never-before-seen glimpse of how Beijing might launch a military campaign against the island. But China is also learning plenty of lessons that could eventually prove more … Continue reading

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“China is too weak to invade Taiwan successfully” Con Coughlin

” …. despite the vast sums the Chinese Communist Party has spent developing its forces, the country is still playing catch-up in terms of acquiring the strength to challenge America’s military supremacy. The development of China’s two new aircraft carriers … Continue reading

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IMO probability of Chinese invasion of Taiwan is now over 50%

Nancy may have been seeking commercial advantage for Pauly in the semi-conductor arena, but the people of Taiwan are likely to pay for that. The Chinese are mightily offended in their nationalist fervor and unlikely to back away any time … Continue reading

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This and That – 2 August 2022

Thorium reactors- I listened to a member of Congress expound on this subject the other day. I think it was Senator Tuberville. According to him thorium is the answer to the question of cheap, safe nuclear power until fusion power … Continue reading

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“Taiwan is not an easy island to invade.”

“A successful landing would be a Pyrrhic victory for China. Far from completing their missions, the amphibious landing ships would potentially be required to go back and forth the Taiwan Strait (becoming extremely vulnerable and lucrative targets) in order to … Continue reading

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“What Russia’s threat to pull out of the ISS might mean for NASA” – TTG

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia will pull out of the International Space Station after 2024 and focus on building its own orbiting outpost, the country’s new space chief said Tuesday amid high tensions between Moscow and the West over the fighting … Continue reading

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What about the Shanghai Tesla factory?

“Tesla’s second-biggest market in 2021 was China (after the U.S.),” the Forsythe tweet initially read, noting that “Chinese battery makers are major suppliers for Tesla’s EVs,” and that, “After 2009, when China banned Twitter, the government there had almost no leverage over … Continue reading

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