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ISW take on the Xi – Putin meeting – TTG

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on March 20 and offered a more reserved vision for Russian-Chinese relations than what Putin was likely seeking. Xi and Putin touted the strength of Chinese-Russian relations in their meeting … Continue reading

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Saudi-Iranian Rapprochement Orchestrated by China – TTG

Abu Dhabi, UAE CNN  — Saudi Arabia and Iran announced on Friday that they had agreed to reestablish diplomatic ties after seven years of hostility, in a deal between the regional archrivals that could have wide-ranging implications for the Middle East. … Continue reading

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The China Peace Plan – TTG

China released a peace plan for Ukraine today in a move that could dramatically expand Beijing’s role in the conflict. The plan, which Chinese officials referred to as a “position paper,” calls for a ceasefire and the resumption of peace … Continue reading

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China’s top foreign policy man, Wang Yi, was at the Munich International Security Conference and spent a week traveling around Europe. Before returning home, he stopped in Moscow, where he presumably met with President Putin. At Munich, Wang Yi announced … Continue reading

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“China zeroes in on ‘near space’ as potential next battlefield in modern warfare” – TTG

Comment: This CNN report answers a lot of questions about the Chinese surveillance balloon the USAF shot down last week and the three UFOs shot down, so far, this week. Chuck Shumer was told by the IC that two of … Continue reading

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Col. Lang sends his greetings as he recovers from an illness and is regaining strength. In the interim he has asked TTG and Harper to moderate the site. Commenting on the recent incident involving the Chinese surveillance balloon that traversed … Continue reading

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Back to Bataan – TTG

CNN  — The Philippines will provide the United States with expanded access to its military bases, the two countries said Thursday, providing US forces with a greater strategic footing on the southeastern edge of the South China Sea close to self-ruled … Continue reading

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“Protests erupt across China …”

“Protests erupted across China on Saturday, including at universities and in Shanghai where hundreds chanted “Step down, Xi Jinping! Step down, Communist Party!” in an unprecedented show of defiance against the country’s stringent and increasingly costly zero-Covid policy. A deadly fire at an apartment … Continue reading

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The Sullivan Tech Doctrine – TTG

On September 16th, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced a new policy on how the US should think about leadership and key technologies. He said: Fundamentally, we believe that a select few technologies are set to play an outsized importance … Continue reading

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” … China’s Economy Headed for Collapse?”

“… the country is “exponentially incurring indebtedness, perhaps creating debt about seven times faster than it has been producing nominal gross domestic product,” he added. Chang recently interviewed fellow China expert and author Anne Stevenson-Yang, who told him that “the Chinese have … Continue reading

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